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Joey Pyle - Notorious The Changing Face of Organised Crime

Notorious The Changing Face of Organised Crime

Published by: Virgin Books

Published: 29/05/2003

Author: Joey Pyle

What we thought

This is one of those books that you just want to keep reading no matter how tired you get. Joey Pyle is not only the man who has seen it all, but he's the man who's done it all too. He was friends with all of the main firms in London and also counts the Gambino family as good friends. What happened when Joey had the chance to meet Sinatra? Absolutely every page has something fascinating to read and it's one of those books we highly reccommend to you all.

The Krays The Geordie Connection

The Krays The Geordie Connection

Published by: Zymurgy Publishing

Published: 24/10/2002

Author: Steve Wraith

What we thought

It began on the 14th November 1991 for Steve Wraith, that was his first point of contact with the Krays. A letter to Steve from Reggie Kray dropped through his door. Steve first met Reggie as a fan of the Krays but later became a very close and trusted friend to all three brothers!

Steve is his own person and this comes across when he actually tells Reg or Ron when he doesn't agree with something they said. Looking at their history one would assume Steve was either crazy or had a death wish, but perhaps Ronnie and Reggie had both seen their fair share of 'yes men' over the years and respected a little honesty even if it did go against the grain a little.

The main thing about this book for avid Kray readers, is that, this is not the 60's revisited. The Krays who Steve introduces us to are different men from the twins we've often read about in their mid 20's. The book is a bargain and a must read for those hungry for new material on the otherwise unreported second phase of the Kray Empire.

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