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The Kray Twins, Ronnie and Reggie were Britain's Godfathers.

Many people have heard of the Kray Twins and everyone has their own views. This site does not seek to advocate the crimes carried out by the Kray brothers, nor does it exist to promote violence. But the legend of the Krays cannot be ignored and it cannot be forgotten. Ronnie and Reggie have now both died but their legend is still very much alive. This site looks at the life of the Kray Twins, their family, associates and the story that has carved their name into British Gangland history for eternity. We understand that people have their own views and would like to put them across and we've made that possible for those of you by providing you with a forum. This is the part of the site where you can kick off a debate, ask a question or just leave a message.

We will be looking at the various books and films made about the twins and their associates and reviewing them against our own high standards. And from time to time we will be running competitions where you have the chance to win some great prizes, so make sure you keep checking back with us.

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